Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes The Wellness Collaborative, Inc. from any other health care non-profit?

The Wellness Collaborative is a 501(c)3 interdisciplinary network committed to a fundamental shift in how we understand and promote health and wellness.

With the intention of formulating and promoting a holistic understanding of health and wellness, we have assembled group of experts consisting of primary care physicians, artists, urban farmers, educators, herbalists, traditional healers, psychologists and psychiatrists, nurses, community organizers and activists, entrepreneurs, social workers, population scientists, speech and behavioral therapists.

Our objective is to co-create a model of healthcare designed to support and meet the unique social-emotional and physical needs of Boston’s most vulnerable communities. The difference is around the co-creation and collaboration for enabling an individual to develop a self-directed and integrated wellness path.

Does The Wellness Collaborative, Inc. provide direct services?

TWC, Inc. is a non profit think tank whose primary objective is to develop and research best practices in seven areas of societal needs known to directly and indirectly influence one’s health and well-being.

7-Disciplines of Wellbeing

The work of TWC, Inc. is to provide guidance to the for-profit service providing entity called The Wellness Community Club. Membership is open to all who choose to pay the modest yearly membership fee which gives them access to a host of support and services including direct primary and behavioral health care, and a wide range of social supports for the full lifecycle.

What does The Wellness Collaborative, Inc. bring to our community?

Since its inception in 2018, The Wellness Collaborative has provided public forums that help to bring awareness and educate the communities about the unique health needs of communities of color.
The Re-Imagining Healthcare Public Forums are designed to educate the public about common health conditions seen in people of color and the impact of social stressors on health and wellness. In addition, our forums present scientific advances, best practices and wholistic lifestyle strategies that help prevent or mitigate against “dis-ease.”

How will The Wellness Collaborative, Inc. improve the health of communities of color?

TWC will also be a center of excellence for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research in communities of color where much needed data can inform and guide best medical as well as psychosocial practices.